WP4 UK Essex UKDA Visit

ukda thumbDelegations from the three Western Balkan countries are visiting the UK Data Archive as part of the Work Package 4 - training and knowledge transfer activities between CESSDA member archives and future archives to be established in the Western Balkan countries.


The visit is taking place at the University of Essex in Colchester, UK and includes a full day of activities, lectures and tour of the UK Data Archive, on 22 Oct 2013.

There are thirteen members of delegations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia, bringing together governemnt and research council representatives, data creators and owners, as well as futur data archive staff.

The ten presenters and fulfilling the purpose of the visit, which is to understand how the UK DA functions, what its relationships are to Data Creators and Data Owners, Legislators and Funders, as well as other Data Archives.

Attached is a Briefing Note for Attendees and Speakers, Programme, as well as List of Participants.