WP4 Training Workshop in Ljubljana

The Project partners from WB countries have come together for their second WP4 training. It is taking place at the ADP Social Science Data Archive of the University of Ljubljana, at the Faculty for Social Sciences from 26-27 September 2013.


Participants include researchers, IT experts and SERSCIDA partner team staff. The training is provided by ADP Slovenia staff.

The purpose of the training is to have a hands-on experience of how to use a data archive, and the presentations include:

As a result of the Workshop, the participants are expected to have sufficient skills acquired to use the tools introduced in the future Data Archives and Services that will be set up in the three WB countries. Researchers will have the capacity to use these tools to track their data and promote them among other researchers.

Further details on the workshop are available through the ADP Slovenia web site, with detailed programme, list of participants and presentations.