Opening Data Services in Social Sciences - International Conference

Conference program

Day 1: March 21

09.00 Registration

09.30 Opening speakers

10.00 A few words on the SERSCIDA project

10.15 Keynote speaker

10.45 Break

11.15 Country Assessment Reports: policy, infrastructure and researchers' interest in data


12.00 Data services: an example from the University of Ljubljana

12.30 Lunch break

14.00 Data Services Movies

14.15 Role of CESSDA in SERSCIDA

14.45 Data Services: examples from the University of Essex and University of Lausanne

15:15 Benefits of Data Services for Researchers

16:30 End of day

Day 2, March 22

10.00 Open Access Keynote

10.45 The Region and Open Access:

12.00 Conference Conclusions
12.30 Close of Conference