Work packages
Support for Establishment of National/Regional
Social Sciences Data Archives

Work package 5

Establishment of prototype social sciencedigital data archives. It envisages creation of prototype digital data archives as a basis for further concrete activities on establishment of social science data archives in the WBC. The decision on whether to have national digital data archives in each WB country or rather a regional one will be made on the basis of analyses of potentials for establishment of social sciences data archives in the three countries involved, as well as conference discussion and round tables that will be organized during the WP3. The decision on data archives will also take into consideration the source and availability of funds having in mind the high costs related to establishment and functioning of archives. The prototype archives will be directly derived from the CESSDAPPP and CESSDA-ERIC projects and are considered as transfer of existing knowledge and activities to WB countries involved.

Open Access

'Open Access' refers to the practice of granting free Internet access to research publications and data. As all research and innovation builds on earlier achievements, an efficient system for broad dissemination of and access to research publications and raw data can accelerate scientific progress. The OECD Declaration of 2008 states "that open access to, and unrestricted use of data promotes scientific progress and facilitates the training of researchers," as well as maximizing "the value derived from public investments in data collection efforts." SERSCIDA will address the need for improved and open access to and dissemination of primary data collected through research in social sciences while at the same time trying to support reinforcement of the existing national strategies and structures, and to contribute to development of new ones.