Steering Board Meeting and discussion on WP5

sa thumbThe last Steering Board Meeting took place in Sarajevo, where our journey began two years ago. And this time the weather served us much better. Our host was the Center for Human Rights at the University of Sarajevo, coordinator of SERSCIDA project.


The meeting started with a discussion on WP5. We reviewed what still needs to be done for the establishment of prototype social science digital data archives. At the end of March, we submitted policy documents for establishment of three new social science data services in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. These documents contained policies and procedures for the formation of new data services that follow the OAIS model. By the end of April 2014, we need to finish work on establishing websites for data services, and by the end of June 2014, a prototype database should be prepared. We discussed using possible tools and locations and agreed on the work plan for the deliverable 5.2 – Report on websites for data services.


In addition to the discussion about the financial framework and the review of project management, we took some time at the Steering Board Meeting to plan important upcoming activity. The dissemination meeting will be organized in Sarajevo on the 29th of May 2014, with the intention to spread the word about the results of the project and to debate future steps with relevant policy-makers, researchers, data users and prospective providers of data services. We agreed on the format of the event and the provisional structure of the group of participants. We also look forward to listening to our keynote speaker, Louise Corti of UKDA.